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About AJ1 Builders

AJ1builders stems from a long line of builders with my father in the trade and his father also in the trade. We provide multiple services to our customers and we are along side them through out the whole project, start to finish.

We are a family based business, based in Reading but work in all sorounding areas within a 40 mile radius. Not only do we cater for the domestic market but we also offer maintenance services for the commercial market.

We always provide a detailed and clear contract with the client so they feel safe and assured that we will finish there job to the exact specification agreed between us and the client. We set clear deadlines and always aim to meet them, however if we believe that a job will over run we will always notify the customer and work closely with them in order to keep to the deadline as best we can.

We are always looking for a new project if you would like the chance to start working with us then head over to the contact us page and fill out the form with a brief description of what you are looking for and we can arrange you your free quote.

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